The Blank Canvas


Meghan again has the height to help.

Sometimes the pictures can tell the story best.  Since Monday, I have been vexing about getting up the long canvas and then how to start the work.  I don’t have a fixed plan.  This is pretty much just like the archaeologists on site.  There is a thought, a plan of sorts, and then there is what becomes possible each day.  I know that once I start to use the oil sticks, I will need to leave time for the work to dry.  Thus, the 8 weeks of work will zoom by and I don’t want to figure out how or where to dry a 14 foot long canvas!   So I have barreled on and put the charcoal on the canvas.  I have been intrigued by the southwest corner of Structure 12 looking towards the south and Hoy.  The contrast between the cut earth and the stones in the order of a walled structure have pulled me in.  Then there is a doorway out of Structure 12 that seems a bit grand, as if standing stones flank the doorway. Finally, there are the areas of the sondage…..more to follow on these…except to say they are made in the dirt layers to produce samples of the dirt for greater investigation.  Somehow, these will become linked as the three key elements for the work possibly by making marks, designs, like the ones that have been found and documented on the site.