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Using this technique only one complete print at a time is produced. Watercolour dries quickly as it is absorbed into the woodblock, so only small areas are worked on and effects are built up in layers.

This means a variable edition results, one print at a time. The original chiseled lines are the constant, while the colours change with each print. Pressure using a stone, or a burnisher becomes the printing press and watercolours are the ink. It is both painstaking and exciting for each print of the same design is a surprise. It combines the freedom and colour of painting with the repetitive image found in printing.  One might say it is PRAINTING ©.

My white-line prints feature all types of compositions from pets to designs to standing stones and abstracts. I rarely print more than 10 images from a woodcut block. You can read more about the technique in the First Impressions by printmaker Lisa Hooper, Langford Press. She attended one of my workshops. Prints can be commissioned directly from me. Please see what is currently available at https://jeannebouzarose.me

A limited edition giclee of one of my woodcuts made during my summer as artist in residence at the Ness of Brodgar can be purchased.  You can support the research at the Ness and purchase a high quality giclee print online  https://www.nessofbrodgar.co.uk/product/structure-12-print/.

I believe art should be accessible, so I sell cards with many of these prints.  You can find them at https://island-to-island.scot

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