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Like the infrequency of extreme tides and storm surges, I seek to use watercolour alone. When I use only watercolour paper and paint, I usually create a number of paintings in one sitting. I leave them overnight, returning to them to see how another layer might be needed.

The winds of weather in Orkney are strong and unreliable. The megalithic standing stones are dependable. Sky and stones form the basis of my watercolour work. For years, I chose to work with others in a studio in the Catskill Mountains of New York. While the trees and leaves were dancing in front of red wood sided barns, I choose to use photos from my few trips to Orkney as my inspiration. Standing stones, carved stone balls and archaeology were more tantalizing to me than what was underfoot. It is no wonder that I now reside in Stromness, Orkney!

If you like one of my watercolours, then seize it, as they are rare in creation and size friendly!

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House On Island
Maes Howe WC
Me And Stones Sunset 001
Me And Stones Sunset 002
Picture Of Orkney
SkaraBraeDresser WC
Stenness WC 0005
View Across Stromness Harbour