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The size of my paintings has grown over the last 15 years. While continually being inspired by the standing stones of Orkney, I found that the typical stretched canvas curtailed the full expression I felt.

Quite accidentally, I began to paint on canvas alone, nailed to a flat white wall. Pulling it off a roll allowed me to expand my design and use of colour. It also allowed me to paint stone portraits that were uncharacteristically flexible!

I paint mainly with  “pigment sticks” on unstretched canvas. The oil sticks are blended on the canvas after being “crayoned” on the canvas. The colours and I flow in between the charcoal plan I begin with. Clouds emerge and land slides into place. Light and colour slip into reflection. I love the freedom of letting the paint take me where I think I was heading.

I have painted a number of long paintings, commissions and round or tondo canvases. There are 3 significant long pieces that are still available for exhibition or sale. 

It was pure serendipity that I painted a 44 x 5 ft view of the Orkney island of Hoy. “Moonrise, Sunset, and Hoy in the Middle” has only been on exhibition three times. 

For a bespoke version on paper or size of your choosing, contact jeanne@artworksoftheearth.com. For a mailable version in a tube, https://island-to-island.scot.

I felt a bit like the creator when asked to create a “forbidden universe” for the play of the same name.

INSERT this photo https://artworksoftheearth.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/spacepan1.jpg 

Most recently, as artist in residence at the Ness of Brodgar, I painted the “Homage to the Sondage in the Montage with some Debitage on the Side.” This was the feature piece of my solo exhibition at the Orkney Museum in 2018 and the window feature for Highland Park Whisky 2019.

Purchase online only at https://www.nessofbrodgar.co.uk/product/homage-print/

The above images are available as panorama prints in smaller sizes on paper or canvas.  Contact by email or phone jeanne@artworksoftheearth.com or see what is online at https://jeannebouzarose.me or https://island-to-island.scot

Sm 18 A Gairsay For My Birthday, Painted In Evie, Orkney 6x8in 15x20cm Oil
Sm 12 Across From Marness, There Is A Bit Of Scapa, Orkney 8x8inches 20x20cm Oil
Sm 10 The Black Craig Over Warbeth Beach, Outertown, Stromness, Orkney 5x7inches 13x18cm Oil
JBRJune2015 05
JBR11May2015 02
Vals Suitcase Pic 2
Sm 11 From The Fields Of Evie, Overlooking Gurness To Rousay, Orkney 5x7inches 13x17cm Oil
JBRJune2015 06
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