I have been teaching the watercolour white-line woodcut, aka the Provincetown Print, for over 30 years.

The name comes from where it was evolved in Provincetown, Massachusetts, in 1915. A group of European and American artists exploring Japanese printmaking.  During their group work, they developed a process that uses simple tools to produce individually coloured prints. Each print can take hours to complete – there are no editions. The white lines of the composition remain the same, but the colours will vary widely with each print. Therefore, it is a monoprint in colour and a multiple print in composition.

Since 2005, I have been teaching this process on Orkney and have adapted to Orkney’s Neolithic heritage such that I call my process, “the Orkney Woodcut.”

With art crossing the oceans, I have brought this new version back to the place where I learned at the Woodstock School of Art, New York. You can read more about the technique in First Impressions by printmaker Lisa Hooper, Langford Press.  She attended one of my Orkney workshops.

You can purchase my instructional DVD, The Orkney Woodcut at  

The Orkney Woodcut DVD
The Orkney Woodcut (The Provincetown Print Technique) instructional DVD

When the world makes it possible, I am available to teach art workshops anywhere in the world. The Provincetown Print/ Orkney Woodcut workshop is one that happens to travel particularly well!

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