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Time bends along with our travels and through it, slowly and periodically, paint may touch a surface. I am not alone. Others before me have been far more engrossed in the sun and moon, and the stars and their shadows. But it is a discovery for me to find that the sketches of my youth were really the paintings in my future and that the experiences of a life being lived and knowledge being gained would be their colouring.

Discovery is the thread that weaves through my life and why I paint. Adventure is discovery. When I was selected as a Fulbright exchange teacher to Paisley, Scotland in 1983, I was destined to discover. My life certainly is marked before or after that year. It was the year that I first set foot on the islands of Orkney, Scotland.

For years, I played with and developed the idea of taking my love of sky and undulating landscapes and crossing it with the shapes of the powerful standing stones I had seen in Orkney. When I look at my first Orkney photos, I am amazed at the differences between photo and painting. Something that was inside the land and standing stones of Orkney that reached out and touched me. It released me from false constraints and freed me to find my own ideas of colours and beauty. My paintings barely reflect the inspiring photo.

For me, there is something in the land of the standing stones, its sky and the wind. The archaeology and Neolithic designs dazzle me and the excavation at the Ness of Brodgar excites me. Or perhaps, it is really just that something inside each of us that the wind awakens. It may just take the right moment, the right place and maybe the right person or two, for all the forces to meet and grow with strength. With that strength comes the power to fly forward and to create that which one never imagined possible. Through this, connections may then be forged to others linking us all with ties to our ancient roots of the earth and its standing stones…perhaps even to Artworks of the Earth.