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Chocolates and Chat are FREE!

Come in and tak’ a peep! Once inside ArtWorks of the Earth, you will see many original pieces of artwork as well as more reasonably priced reproductions. There are cards, postcards, posters, mugs, calendars, t-shirts, tote bags as well as digitally laser printed copies of my original woodcuts..

I also have museum quality giclee reproductions on both paper and canvas of my larger oil paintings. My images are of the architecture of Stromness, the wildlife of Orkney, its archaeology, and the Orkney landscape.

The most popular image is only available in the ArtWorks of the Earth. I have giclee copies on both paper and canvas of the original 43 foot panorama of Hoy that are sized for the average wall space and are easy to take home with you. In fact, the paper one comes in a tube and all versions are signed and numbered.


I have reproduced my colourful interpretation of the Stromness harbour on mugs, tote bags and a poster version “ Stromness in a Tube” is available.

I am always willing to chat and tell you about the events coming up in Stromness while you are visiting. As a volunteer at the Ness of Brodgar dig in the summers, I frequently have items for sale to support the Orkney Archaeology Society. In fact, the mugs sold at the DIG SHOP, were watercolour white-line woodcuts images I gave to the Society to use. You will also see that the designs and incisions being discovered at the summer excavation at the Ness have inspired my artwork.

And, no matter what, there is a sweetie dish conveniently placed near the postcards to remind you that a picture is still worth more than a thousand emails!!!

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Lives, Light and Art Fused

Recently, I have been collaborating with Graham Muir, a glass artist I have known for 25 years. Gramble Glass produces fused glass art that features standing stones, with the sun and moon reflected in and on the glass

Thirty years ago I lived in Paisley and became good friends with Flora. I also visited Orkney for the first time and my seeds of inspiration were sown. In 1990, Glasgow was the European City of Culture and I was back in Paisley to see Flora marry Graham. It turns out that both Graham and I were detoured from actively pursuing our interest in art. Parental advice and economics led us to other more reliable careers but our longing to ignite the artistic fires simmered for years.

Graham studied interior design at the Glasgow College of Building and Printing always with a love of the artistic use and beauty of glass. His jobs were designing the interiors of buildings, restaurants, pubs, and hotels. I fitted in enough art to be certified as an art teacher in the USA but my other course of study to be a primary school teacher got me my first and steady job. Somehow, after doing the right thing for over 30 years, we both found ways to free our artistic craving and we supported each other not knowing where it might lead.

I found a way to let paint, colour, and printing lead me. I follow a path of inspiration entwined with Neolithic history and the landscape and cloudscape of Orkney. Standing stones are often the link between the colours of above and below. For me, oil stick, watercolours and white-line woodblock printing bring me the light and surprise of the unexpected mystery.

Graham being thoroughly Scottish is broader in his inspiration being inspired by Lewis, the Kilmartin Valley and Orkney. Redundancy from the “career” gave him the time to pursue his lasting love of glass. While studying stained glass, he saw that the fused glass technique easily captured the light, colour and atmosphere of the landscapes that inspired him. AND…they were landscapes with standing stones. Hmmmm…

2122 Graham paints with light behind and reflected from glass and enjoys the randomness of fusing it. I use paint with abandon, mixing and blending straight onto a surface. We both find mystery in standing stones and wide open landscapes. 34563Graham married my oldest friend in Scotland so it is no surprise that we are now partners in design. Gramble Glass is Graham’s passion and ArtWorks of the Earth is mine. Orkney and its standing stones have found a way to fuse our passion for spontaneous joy, colour and design into art pieces that we both hope will bring light into the memory of your visit to Orkney!

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