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All the prints you see on this page are created using the “Provincetown Print” technique. This method evolved in Provincetown, Massachusetts, in 1915. It evolved with a group of European and American artists exploring Japanese printmaking and a number of them carried it on throughout their careers. It is a process that uses simple tools to produce successful prints. Each print is individual and can take hours to complete – there are no editions. The white lines of the composition remain the same, but the colours will vary widely with each print. Therefore, it is a monoprint in colour and a multiple print in composition. In a 3 to 4 hour session, or two 2 hour sessions, each student will complete at least one print and leave with materials for further printmaking.

This technique is one that engages all levels of learners. It is one that the novice can easily embrace and feel successful with. For the experienced artist, this technique offers the chance to recapture the joy of surprise, the thrill of the unexpected and the ability to respond to the moment that can often retreat as we grow and mature in our artistic skill area.

Your workshop includes full instruction, supplies, history, refreshment and resources for inspiration. We work in the front of the gallery just on Dundas Street at Graham Place, the main street of Stromness. It is walking distance from the ferry and cafes, museums, hotels, self-catering, hostels and unique shops. Halfway between the Pier Arts Centre and the Stromness Museum and down the lane from the Hamnavoe Restaurant, ArtWorks of the Earth is where the road narrows to such a point that one can touch the side window of a passing lorry with ease!

Workshops are arranged to suit all of us. I will schedule a workshop in advance or on the spot if possible. Just call, email, or stop in. Of course, planning ahead guarantees you the time that will suit you the best! Mobile: 07900982612 email:

I am available to teach art workshops anywhere in the world. The Provincetown Print workshop is one that happens to travel particularly well!