The Art and the Stones


The Art and the Stones

Art at the Ness of Brodgar is a varied experience.  This year, I found alternate ways to work in a smaller space and within erratic days of being able to get out to the Ness.  As in the past, I was happy to assist with the Open Day this past Sunday by selling raffle tickets and so have continued to be immersed in the Ness moments.   But when I did manage the day and time, the weather was not always reliable. So I decided to develop a body of work in oil pastels. 

I had won a 100 GBP voucher on Amazon and had decided to invest in really good oil pastels and also a drawing pad meant for them.  This meant more portable and small.  Well, today, I took the finished pieces back around to the places I drew and here is some of what they looked like:

Looking towards the Main Trench’s midden heap. This is one side of the entrance off Structure 12. Painted earlier in the season before the wonderfully marked stones were found.

Looking across to the Stenness Loch I was continually drawn to what appears to be an entrance near or at Structure 1.

I think you will be able to see the sweep of the stone wall that attracted me. Sometimes the walls are just so striking.

Taking this photos was a bit challenging today in the wind.  More will follow.

Meanwhile, last summer plain old watercolours were the start of my inspiration for the large oil painting I made summer 2018, on site.

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