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It is more than the paint…it is more than the place…it is about the journey… Rainbows may be elusive, but they seem to thrive on Orkney…and when the day ends, and your luck is right, the sea will turn lavender and the clouds, well, they will dance in colors that delight! I hope we will meet and paint and enjoy the immersion into all that is Orkney!

Jeanne Bouza Rose

  • …and the shopping was a HUGE surprise to find designer crafts being made in small venues created by only a few people!

    – Tracee
  • Orkney proved to be a very special place, welcoming, peaceful and comfortable. I can now journey back there in my mind whenever things here get out of hand. I truly felt like I had always been there.

    – Marty, architect
  • Virginia is still talking about what a great time she had! Me TOO! I’m ready to retire there! Neil….the evening lecturer…well, I think we should adopt him. What a treasure!

    – Nancy, art center director
  • Visiting a photographer’s studio for a light homemade lunch was just perfect. And what a view!

    – Laurel, teacher