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It is more than the paint…it is more than the place…it is about the journey… Rainbows may be elusive, but they seem to thrive on Orkney…and when the day ends, and your luck is right, the sea will turn lavender and the clouds, well, they will dance in colors that delight! I hope we will meet and paint and enjoy the immersion into all that is Orkney!

Jeanne Bouza Rose

  • I miss terribly, the full cloudy skies and patterns of light and fields, not to mention everyone …The provocative shadows all around, were so artistic! I felt immersed!

    – Tom, sound engineer
  • We were very emotionally moved by our trip to Orkney. The experience of creating art on an island with so much ancient history is a privilege and an obvious inspiration. You brought the island alive. We felt that in one week we had gotten a great overview of the island front he historical point of view, an introduction to the local people of Orkney, the artists, and craftspeople of the island and to also have some time to relax and simply enjoy and experience the landscape. We felt very sad leaving and look forward to returning.

    – Sandra, textile designer
  • Jeanne, you are the best: knowledgeable, patient, and kind while offering constructive criticism. I have been ’white-lining’ every since our return from Orkney and I am someone who had never picked up a paint brush before. The whole scene was inspiring. When people ask me what the best part of my 2 week trip was, I always say ’the art class.’ Thank you!

    – Mary, school psychologist
  • I want to thank you so much for a wonderful experience. I had a great time and enjoyed the whole adventure. Learning a new art form really peaked my interest in learning more. We are ordering more supplies and are already planning how we can create a studio/gallery in our home. Your style, generosity, and passion is contagious. The whole trip was special and you are a special person in a special place. I feel I had much more than just a 2 week vacation. Let’s plan more of these trips in other places as well.

    – Tracee, antique collector