Rounded Marks at Last!


Rounded Marks at Last!

I have always been interested in the marks or incisions on the stones at the Ness.  Dr. Antonia Thomas has well documented these in her book Art and Architecture in Neolithic Orkney. But the majority of the marks are angular, attempts at straight lines and playing with triangles.  So it is always remarkable when a mark shows up that is rounded.  Thursday and Friday  were those lucky days when the horned spiral or Smerquoy  or eyebrow motif were found. 

This mark, found a few years agon, has been referred to as the heart of Smerquoy.

Heart of Smerquoy

One of these must be upside down but both were found near doorways. This is the mark found Thursday at the Ness.

I have already used the triangular pattern I am so fond of from the stone unearthed in 2013 in my painting.  It is great that now I feel justified to add some of these rounded shapes in.

I have been constant in my attraction to these triangles

This is the triangular stone with its patterns.

It has been a challenge to work right to left across the canvas and now I have started the top.  Since the lunar eclipse was occuring, I decided to add a moon image and am planning to morph its shine across the top which firmly puts that part into sky mode! 

I have begun to play with adding a full moon in memory of this painting being made at the Ness during the moment of the red lunar eclipse. I was waiting to see the eclipse before moving on. But no one saw it here on Orkney