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~Amazing Stenness Standing Stones Crosses Atlantic~

Laurel the mistress of the soap, wearing a Jeanne Bouza Rose original designImagine my surprise to come across, Laurel’s Garden ,https://laurelsgardenstudio.com/  a local soapmaker in upstate New York, wearing my artwork!!! (Aprons are for sale at ArtWorks of the Earth in Stromness). Laurel’s soaps are natural and smell wonderful!  Now she looks wonderful in her arty apron! Like the apron crossing the ocean, thousands will be crossing Scapa Flow and coming to visit Orkney.

Well, the world is crossing the Atlantic to come visit the working excavation at the Ness of Brodgar http://www.nessofbrodgar.com/in Orkney this July and August.  The season kicks off on 4th July with free daily guided tours.  This sure is an appropriate day for this American to begin painting on the site. 

I have been lucky enough to be a local volunteer for the dig since 2011 but this is my first onsite painting project. I have been supported supported by a Visual Artists and Craft Makers Award. The awards are a partnership between Creative Scotland and Orkney Islands Council. Orkney's Standing Stones on an APRON

For the duration of the open excavation, I will be joined by two other artists from Germany and England with others to be announced.  Lucky for us, we are teaming up to fund a small portable unit for our work.  My portion is funded by my good and generous friends and colleagues from Long Island and for which I am very grateful.

I am planning to work on some additional round canvas pieces as well as a longer 5 foot wide flat canvas piece that is as of now, an unknown length.  Using my R & F paintsticks, http://rfpaints.com/  I will be lugging lots of painting supplies onto the site and be painting as many afternoons that I can.  Watch for what will come starting 4th July!Bold colours of R & F oaintsticks