This intersection of earth, water and stone, captivated me.

Today is the first of two OPEN DAYS at the excavation at the Ness of Brodgar where I am an artist-in-residence.  The black plastic is off, the free tours are on schedule and I started painting!!!!

Come visit two places today where numerous extra special activities are around for your interest.  The excavation site is open with flint knapping, and Neolithic cooking.  At the Stenness School, there are 14 areas for you to explore from a simulated “dig” to straw work to microscopic archeology.  At both sites, you will meet some of the experts in stone, bone, and clay!

So, come find me and the Karen Wallis, the two artists present at this time and see some of our paint flowing!

Since the portacabin we rented expanded in size, so could my aspiration!

With only 8 weeks seeing what is under the black plastic, I have started with the paint and it is growing like grass on a rainy day!