OPEN DAY at the NESS..


OPEN DAY at the NESS..

It was a grand OPEN DAY at the Ness on Sunday the 19th August with art and archaeology!  Nearly 300 folks came in and out of the Art Hut.  A good number of visitors decided to do as the artists and the archaeologist do, and took the offer of pencil, paper, and clipboard.  These tools of the trade, were loaned by Historic Scotland Ranger, Sandra.

I encouraged folks to draw what they might become interested in and to focus on that for more than a little while.  Since my big painting has had a space along the bottom, I have been asking the diggers to add some of their favourite words.  So, I also encouraged the OPEN DAY visitors to listen and write down any interesting words.  I also hoped that they would notice the number of archaeologists who were sitting inside the structures with pencil and paper drawing details of walls, stones, floors.

The results from the visitors  were spectacular!  Here they are: at least the first batch!

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