OPEN DAY at the Ness again….


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OPEN DAY at the Ness again….

The Open Day really was well received by all.  Many of the visitors noticed other visitors drawing their particular inspirations by being on the site for the day.  The Art Hut had over 300 visitors and many visitors during the Open Day seemed thrilled that there was art happening on the site.  It really is remarkable that for the 5 artists who came to work, each one had a different interest and media to use for their interpretation. 

Just like the folks who took the plunge and drew their interests.  I found it interesting to note, that a number of these visitor drawings focused on the yellow pins that mark points and can be easily tripped over! 

Funny what some folks notice!  Here are the remaining drawings from the day: The Scottish Rangers from the World Heritage site, were so kind to lend us and give us the supplies that we offered to the visitors.  Paper, pencil and some clipboards really made a difference to the folks you see pictured here.


I continue to be amazed that I can paint while many people come in and ask what we are doing in the Art Hut.  I always seem to have some kind of answer, but then, I hardly ever suffer from the lack of words.  I can only hope I don’t suffer from lack of inspiration here a the Ness, this summer. 

Paint, colour and lots of words that make me smile are causing me to suffer from literary and glossary overload! Chris Gee, that very lucky Orcadian archaeologist just has the nicest attitude.  If it weren’t for him, I would not have found the phrase  ” robber trench” so interesting on its own.  Well, I am now on the way to collect lots of fun archaeologically related words from the diggers and have them add them to the bottom of the painting. 

Ah, the painting seems to be 14 feet 9 inches long!!!!