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~Lampshades as My Canvas~

Orkney Neolithic Lampshade

I started painting lampshades for a recycling fundraiser for OrkneyZeroWaste  a number of years ago.  These handpainted lampshades were a huge success. I started getting brand new lampshades and found that I really enjoyed painting with the complete roundness of the lampshade.

It must be over 3 years since I had the time and space to paint lampshades, but this winter I managed to get quite a few underway.  It may be that the invitation to exhibit some of my Ness of Brodgar http:/ inspired artwork at this year’s summer exhibition at the Stromness Museum in Orkney, the ignition. You will see more of my lampshades and some woodcuts there this season.

Or, you can visit my working and teaching studio/gallery/shop in Orkney and find other handpainted lampshades that you might need to light up your home!

Lights on Orkney