Highland Park and Artwork!


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Highland Park and Artwork!

Everyone knows that all the current excavations on Orkney are bringing many more interested tourists to see these sites. If one doesn’t care for piles of stones and earth, then sampling a fine Scottish whisky entices some visitors.  Highland Park single malt whisky created a special batch of whisky to help support the Ness of Brodgar archaeology this year.  It has become my good fortune to have the 15 foot long painting “The Homage to the Sondage in the Montage with some Debitage on the Side” be a focal point in their new shop on the main street in Kirkwall, Orkney. 

Walking into the Highland Park shop, you will see the other end of the painting, and get a chance for a taste of whisky!

The painting is wrapped around so you need to go inside and see the back to really see the entire composition.

The new Highland Park shop in Kirkwall with its right window display all about the Ness excavation.

Going further into the tasting area of the Highland Park Shop, there are more of my paintings. These were all created in 2018 and exhibited at the Orkney Museum December 2018-January 2019.

From the other direction, the 1 m diameter “tondo” paintings look a bit small!

The window, so beautifully designed by Kirsteen Stewart, includes real equipment used on the site.

I understand that there are still some bottles left from the special batch.  They can be purchased at the Highland Park Shop.  On the other hand, two signed bottles (Nick Card, Ness director and the mixmaster of the whisky) are part of the prizes in the GREAT BIG RAFFLE for the NESS.  I have donated one of my new archaeology art scarves and a framed giclee of the “Homage…” painting.  The last chance to purchase the raffles tickets will be this upcoming week at the County Show in Kirkwall!!!!!

Here is another short video clip explaining more about the round shaped canvas paintings.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eyMQPhEeqg&t=89s