Inga, art collector


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Your attention to details is unparalled …it was very much appreciated….In a word, phenomenal! Orkney. How can I describe the ’special magic of the place? You had shared your experience of it with me and you were absolutely right in everything you said.… For me wasn’t only seeing the sites …they felt even more eloquent in their silences…it was seeing them against the backdrop of such an incredibly beautiful and varied space. It’s the kind of place where you don’t need any other activity other than watching the play of nature…It’s the every-changing colors of the sky reflected in the sea. It’s the way the light changes every second and you can actually see the sun’s rays against the clouds. It’s the cattle grazing, the birds singing, the clean, misty air…and all of this creating such a feeling of peace and harmony which is so tranquilizing. …and by the way…even though the art workshops were not the focus of my visit, I want you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed participating in them with you. You should feel proud that your educator’s tenacity seems to have uncovered a latent artistic talent.