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I passionately believe that to be inspired, one needs to find not only the beauty inherent in the land and sky, but to also learn the history of place and the people who have been nurtured by it and its soil.

I was an early dabbler, trying many colours and making regular choices in different media. Then, after a year of living in Scotland, the inspiration for my work changed. I began to use the colour and the shape of the land, punctuated with the verticals of the standing stones of Orkney.

Within the stones, I see the life of us reflected. It is all about the journey. It is about the place, its history, and the interrelatedness of us all. It is Scotland’s art. It is about the strength of the humans that tamed the wilds that brought them both fear and wonder.

I continue to be irresistibly drawn to the landscape, cloudscape, skyscape, and standing stone “scape” of Orkney. The Orkney landscape, rich in colour, texture, and design has allowed an artistic awareness to flow, that I can only hope matches the variability of the Orkney terrain, the history, the lives of its people, and its standing stones.

Sometimes I take the sense of an Orkney landscape and bring it to wherever I stay still long enough to paint. Thus, you will find that my work includes landscapes of the hills and waters of North America, the home I started at. Trees take the place of standing stones along landscapes of the Hudson River, the Finger Lakes and the Catskills of New York. – Jeanne Bouza Rose